South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust

Welcome from the CEO

Welcome to South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust, a newly formed trust which aims to make a real difference to education in Barrow and South Cumbria. Our six schools have their own identities but all share a common approach to encourage pupils to reflect and embrace challenges, learn from mistakes and develop the resilience essential in our rapidly changing world.

Academic achievement is extremely important, as is the imperative to develop wider life skills; the communication abilities and confidence that will help them to maximise their potential and progress onto a successful and fulfilling career and to contribute to society. Our schools are keen to ensure the development of the whole person and be responsive to the needs and interests of individuals whilst supporting them to be the best that they can be.

We aim for the curriculum offer to be broad and inclusive, and we welcome pupils regardless of ability or background. Our schools emphasise the need for effective transition arrangements between key stages and teachers design learning experiences to build on prior attainment, whilst adopting a destination-driven focus to develop ambition and heighten aspirations.  We make sure our pupils are able to use their vital subject knowledge in creative and practical ways and that they are provided with opportunities to build, apply and evaluate their skills in a variety of different contexts

The curriculum is enriched through a variety of clubs and societies, through an extensive trips offering and through sporting and cultural events. We believe in a collaborative approach with other non-Trust schools and we work closely with a breadth of stakeholders, including our employer partners. Our partner Furness College, is committed to supporting the Trust in co-creating experiences to provide an authentic insight into the world of work. We would like to build links with even more local employers to support pupils as they consider their career choices. The necessity to influence qualification content and ensure pupils leave school with appropriate skills has never been more important so please visit our ‘Work with Us’ page for details of how to get in touch.

I am delighted that South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust gained the approval of the Regional Schools Commissioner who saw the value of what our Trust can offer to education in Barrow and South Cumbria and I look forward to meeting you whether you are a parent, employer or other crucial stakeholder.

Best wishes

Prof. Andrew Wren
Chief Executive Officer

South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust
South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust
South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust
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South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust