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Aspiring writers produce school newspaper

Aspiring writers and designers from Vickerstown Primary School have put their creative talents to good use producing a school newspaper.

The pupils – ranging from Year 3 to Year 6 – joined the ‘Press Gang’ project to produce a publication showcasing a full range of skills.

Matthew Silk, who edited the newspaper, said it had been a really interesting project to lead.

“We made a plan of what we wanted to include for our readers and then some of us wrote reports, others made wordsearches or drawings and we also included our favourite recipes,” he said.

Olivia Towers, who is interested in a future career as a journalist or an author, said she was proud of the end product.

“We all worked together and I liked the way we all had different jobs and could write stuff from our own perspective.”

Year 6 teacher Correen Watt said the pupils had sold 50 copies to family and friends with the proceeds going towards a set of watercolour paints for the classroom.

“They really enjoyed putting the newspaper together and raising money for some great products for us to use in art classes.”


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