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Award-winning author inspires pupils

Pupils from Chetwynde School were inspired by award-winning author Ele Fountain who visited to host a series of sessions.

Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 enjoyed the visit from Ele, whose debut novel Boy 87 is studied in school.

The former publishing editor, who has launched the careers of many other writers, spoke about her experiences living in Addis Ababa which led her to write her Boy 87.

Chetwynde School Assistant Headteacher Jill Robinson said all pupils study the book, which explores the themes of displacement and asylum.

“Ele spoke about her inspiration and personal experiences that influenced her to write about refugees, the creative process behind putting pen to paper and the power of literature,” she said.

“It was a rare chance to meet the mind that has written a book that pupils have actually read, and they clearly enjoyed the opportunity asking some brilliant questions.”

Ele answered questions on the text with the older pupils before Year 7 enjoyed a creative writing workshop.

She told the pupils the favourite book she had written was ‘Fake’ but ‘Boy 87’ will always hold a special place in her heart as her debut novel. She also hinted about a new book to be released in July this year.


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