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Outdoor science idea takes root

Pupils have planted trees to create a habitat to protect wildlife and further their own education in ecology.

The Year 10s at Chetwynde planted over 100 saplings at the Rating Lane school as part of an innovative science project.

The school successfully applied to the Woodland Trust for the trees, which form a new hedge in an area of the school’s extensive grounds.

Chetwynde’s Head of Faculty for Science and Design & Technology Sunetra Berry said the school was fortunate to have beautiful gardens.

“Part of the school land is undeveloped and the science faculty decided to turn this into an area where students can study habitats and ecology at all ages. 

“By creating this space, our pupils can improve biodiversity in the school grounds, protect existing wildlife and encourage new populations of different organisms.”

She said the Year 10s worked hard to clear the area and planted over 50 saplings in two hours.

“It was a fabulous team effort that will leave a lasting legacy for future generations of pupils at our school.”


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