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Primary Heads set to help others

Newly-appointed Chetwynde Primary Heads and their deputies have spoken about their love of school as they take up leadership roles.

Vimash Thambeliya and Jasmine Smith are the primary school’s Head Boy and Head Girl supported by William Brough and Skyler Story as deputies.

Vimash who started at the school in Kindergarten aged three, said he was delighted to be appointed Head Boy and to be part of the school council.

“I want to use my role to help other people and raise money for charity,” he said. “We may not be the biggest school but that is what is so great. The teachers all know our names and are always there to start the day with a big smile on their faces.

He says one of the best things about school is the opportunity to do so many sports both inside and outside of lessons.

“We have a big field where we can play rounders and football in our after-school clubs. There is an athletics track on which we can do relay races, we also have a tennis court and sports hall.”

Jasmine, who joined in reception, said she felt lucky to be appointed.

“My presentation went well and I was confident.

“Chetwynde feels like one big family no matter your age you always feel like someone is looking out for you. In Year 6 we are appointed reception buddies for the entire year and we look after them and help settle them into the school.

“After our SATS in Year 6, we get given a big party for our hard work. I personally cannot wait for this.”


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