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Primary MegaMAT Games makes a splash

Pupils from 17 primary schools across Furness have enjoyed a new swimming competition backed by the South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust

The Year 3 to 6 pupils took part in the Primary MegaMAT Games Swimming Gala at Barrow Leisure Centre organised by Chetwynde School.

Winners medals were handed out to pupils from schools including Holy Family, Yarlside, Parkside, Lindal and Marton, Dane Ghyll, Victoria Academy, Low Furness, Newbarns, Pennington, St Mary’s Ulverston and Chetwynde.

Organiser Katy Costa, who is the Head of Key Stage 2 at Chetwynde, said the event had been extremely well supported by the schools and their parents.

“Parents have said to me that it is so good to see their children taking part in competitive sport after such a long absence and the children have swum brilliantly.

“We are lucky at Chetwynde to have regular access to the pool at Barrow Leisure Centre and it was fantastic for our pupils to share it with their friends from other schools.”

The Primary MegaMAT games is a full calendar of multi-sports competitions including hockey, netball, swimming and a host of other sports. It is organised by Chetwynde, which joined the Furness College-led SCMAT in September last year.

Winners of the Swimming Gala were presented with their prizes by SCMAT CEO and Executive Headteacher Professor Andrew Wren in the sports hall following the event.

“It has been wonderful to witness this gala with competitors full of passion and enthusiasm for swimming and generally everyone having a fantastic time through sport,” he said.

“This event was open to all primary schools across the area and I am delighted to see so many taking part in a competition that celebrates achievement and ambition.”


Year 3/4 Girls Freestyle

1st Isabelle Tyson- Chetwynde

2nd Neive Green- Yarlside

3rd Isabelle Coward- Parkside

Year 3/4 Boys Freestyle 

1st Ollie Swarbrick- Yarlside

2nd Dylan Morgan- Parkside

3rd William Brough- Chetwynde 

Year 3/4 Girls backstroke

1st Pacie Locke- Chetwynde 

2nd Norah Graham- Chetwynde

3rd Isabelle Coward- Parkside

Year 3/4 Boys backstroke 

1st Archie Williams- Chetwynde

2nd Henry Loebell- Dane Ghyll

3rd Rhys Sneesby- Victoria Academy

Year 5/6 Girls Freestyle

1st Elecktra Muncaster- Chetwynde

2nd Eleanor A- Yarlside

3rd Ashton- Lindal & Marton

Year 5/6 Boys Freestyle

1st Declan- Holy Family

2nd Joshua Caine – Chetwynde

3rd Jack Long- Parkside

Year 5/6 Girls Backstroke 

1st Eleanor- Yarlside

2nd Elecktra Muncaster- Chetwynde

3rd Lois Mahoney- Low Furness

Year 5/6 Boys Backstroke

1st Alfie Leahy- Newbarns

2nd  Kayden Smith – Pennington 

3rd- Finlay – St Marys 

Year 3/4 Freestyle Relay

1st Chetwynde

2nd Yarlside

3rd Dane Ghyll

Year 3/4 Medley Relay 

1st Chetwynde

2nd Parkside

3rd Yarlside

Year 5/6 Freestyle Relay

1st Chetwynde

2nd Low Furness

3rd Parkside

Year 5/6 Medley Relay

1st Chetwynde

2nd Low Furness

3rd Parkside


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