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Primary pupils complete a mile a day

Pupils at Vickerstown Primary and Brambles Nursery School on Walney are taking their health into their own hands this year by completing a mile every school day.

Each class from Brambles Nursery to Year 6 is participating in the ‘Daily Mile’ in the school grounds to boost their brain power, concentration and wellbeing.

The run/walk is being organised by teaching assistant Stephanie Kaighan who said that 10 minutes of exercise a day can be very beneficial.

“We want all children to have the chance to enjoy being physically active outside with their friends and the pupils have entered into the spirit of it. Fresh air and exercise is so beneficial for their wellbeing and thinking skills,” said Stephanie. “They have all been very keen despite the cold weather.”

The initiative, which is part of a national scheme, is in addition to normal physical education lessons. The school plans to complete it every day before afternoon lessons with a running on-the-spot video-led session in the school hall if the weather is wet.

Vickerstown Deputy Headteacher Mark Bland said staff, including Headteacher David Holmes, were also enjoying taking part.

“This is something that brings the whole school together, a shared event that creates a sense of achievement for everyone,” he said. “It is great to see people encouraging others along the way.”


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