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Pupils educate others about life of Anne Frank

Pupils from Chetwynde School have been sharing their knowledge about the life of Anne Frank and the Holocaust with other students.

They have been trained as peer educators by the Anne Frank Trust to teach other children as part of a special History for Today exhibition, which has been running at the school for the past two weeks.

The exhibition comes in advance of a visit this week to Poland where Chewynde School students will visit Auschwitz.

Alongside students from Year 6 to Year 11 at Chetwynde, the exhibition has also been visited by Year 6 pupils from South Walney Junior School, which is also part of South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust. South Walney Junior School pupils have been studying this as part of their history lessons.

Chetwynde School Teacher Michelle Doolan, who organised the exhibition, said: “Our peer educators have been doing tours of the exhibition to other classes in school and these have been brilliant to watch.

“This is particularly pertinent as some of the students both taking part and watching the tours will be travelling to Poland with the English department this week and will visit Auschwitz during the trip.”

Some of the peer educators from Year 9 will also travel to Manchester for The Anne Frank Youth Empowerment conference this month where they can choose to become Anne Frank Ambassadors. Chetwynde is the only school in Cumbria attending the conference.

The Anne Frank Trust uses the life and work of Anne Frank as a platform for education about antisemitism and all forms of prejudice. Through her experiences as a young Jewish girl during the Holocaust allows young people to see the ultimate consequences of antisemitism, and this knowledge helps them to understand the dangers of antisemitism and other forms of prejudice today.


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