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Schools ask views on academy plans

Two public consultations will take place next month at schools in Barrow that are planning to academise

Members of the community are invited to give their views on applications by Cambridge Primary School and Newbarns Primary and Nursery School to join the South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust.

Newbarns School will hold its rescheduled public consultation on Tuesday 7th March at the school from 5pm to 6.30pm with all welcome.

The consultation for the school on was due to take place before half term. It will be led by Newbarns School Headteacher Gary Birkett who will be joined by Professor Andrew Wren, who is Executive Head Teacher and CEO of the Trust, alongside Director of Marketing and Communications Kathryn Kittley and Steve Jefferson, who is Headteacher of SCMAT’s first member school Chetwynde.

Cambridge Primary School will hold its meeting on Wednesday 8th March from 5pm to 6pm with a presentation and panel question and answer session about the proposal to academise led by Headteacher Jenny Lavery with senior SCMAT representatives.

People can ask questions in person at the events or post them via a form on the school’s websites to be asked at the meeting.


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